breaking the rules like an artiste


Okay, let me be perfectly straight forward with y’all. This is the way I talk and so that’s the way I shall be writing. If you can’t put up/keep up with that; deal with it. Oh no, sarcasm really isn’t what I’m aiming for. My writings mayn’t be the most amusing piece of art you’ve come across. I’m sorry, did I just say that? Forget it, let’s stop beating about the bush and get to the more important part of the talk. So what am I going to be talking about? I figured out, after many trials and errors that I’d been through I wanted to open up myself and share my little experiences with the ones who have an ear for the kind of thing that I’m interested in. Am I being too selfish in the way I just expressed myself? Maybe. But you’re probably here cause you’re actually turned on by the (most probably) similar things that attract me. So there you have it. We’re from the same soul-tribe. Yay! i.e. If you believe in such supernatural realms. BTW, the name is Newka Shohe.  Break the Rules like an Artiste!


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