This is for the lone wolf who’s swallowed the red pill and is considered a renegade in the social hierarchy which is but a matrix of doom. Welcome to the dark reality which you try to escape but in vain. This isn’t just another one of those Monopoly boardgames, it’s way beyond that. To the boy and girl-next-door you might appear, who knows, a tad eccentric or depressed. It’s true since you may also be bipolared and struggling with your own demons like the ghost of perfectionism that on the outside looks like a behavior of OCD. Like every bad habit, trying to perfect yourself by exerting too much efforts and blaming yourself in the harshest of ways possible is something, you need to immediately call it quits. When you keep going through the same old rough patch in your mind over and over again like a broken record on repeat without realizing you’re only doing more damage than repair is what we call – mental masturbation. Fortunately with any disorder or sickness there’s always a cure to it. Thank Goodness! Get the sigma mindset. You, my beloved, have been misunderstood and it’s time to set the record straight.

If you didn’t know there’s something magnetic about bad boy geniuses. We’ll be looking at 3 characters from completely different worlds with extremely interesting personalities.

Nikola Tesla, Bruce Wayne and Kanye West.

Nikola Tesla was a genius that many probably didn’t hear much about growing up cause your academic textbooks failed to shed light on the actual needed information and lessons about life and history-without-filter, influenced vastly by the dirty politics that we as so-called civilised men invented and polluted. Tesla is an unsung hero. He never got the credits he truly deserved. One obvious reason was because he chose to contribute to humanity with a selfless motive and not necessarily motivated by monetary gain and fame. He was way ahead of his time. He’s contributed a lot to modern science with his numerous inventions. It’s hard to imagine we will have another mind like Tesla with equal caliber ever again.

Bruce Wayne, a billionaire who runs one of the most successful companies in the city of Gotham called Wayne Enterprise, is a fictional character from DC comics also known by his superhero moniker – Batman. If you wanna find out the story behind Bruce Wayne and what made him evolve into the Batman you better watch the Batman Nolan Film Trilogy.  Your questions shall be answered. Another great lesson you can learn from the Batman movies and comic series is by taking a look at the villains who challenge him. Some very prominent ones like Bane can be said to test Batman on his physical prowess, Poison Ivy to test his strength of self-restraint and will, Scarecrow to test his withstanding power against his deepest fear, Riddler to test his intellect, and then the perfect opposite of what Batman symbolizes. Everything he stands for is brought to question and challenged upon when he comes face to face with seriously the most lethal villain like no other – the Joker, whose ideals happen to be of utter chaos and destruction. He who challenges Batman’s core beliefs and principles with his own that could be summed up as insanity of the highest order.

Now, one of the most controversial rappers of today – Kanye West. I’d like to think of Kanye as a person who’s mastered the subtle art of not giving a fuck. He’s a big success as an entrepreneur. Rapping, music-producing and fashion designing – Kanye does it all and does honestly stand out from the crowd. His clothing line, especially considering the collaboration with Adidas that makes the most talked about sneakers – Yeezys, has certainly gotten everyone’s attention. He can be classified as one of those people whom you can love or hate but can’t ignore. You see, with Kanye West as a role model or as a celebrated (or hated) personality it comes down to the matter of perspective – however you choose to categorize him in your judgmental Book of Life. Despite all the gossips in the news nothing can change the fact that he’s got some balls and is never afraid to stand up for what he believes in. And for that I’m assuming Kanye West comes from the same soul-tribe that I belong to. Misunderstood by frenemies.

When you are born in a world to an environment or placed in a position where you feel like you don’t belong or find it very inconvenient to accept the reality around you develop your own world of perverse fantasy where you can do what you love to and not have to fear for the rejection from those that are nothing but illusions of negative energy. A world like Asgard, to have a father like Odin, the Mjolnir as a tool of construction for what’s good and a weapon of destruction for what’s not, and most importantly to be heir to the throne. So it’s only right to get back to your true purpose. Have the courage to change the things you can, to accept what you can’t with serenity and become what you always wanted to be. Like Thor, the God of thunder and lightning. A mystical you can give birth to a living example of a mythological hero in you. Are you ready for the upgrade?

Be brave and stay true – till Kingdom Come!