Men have needs – what a way to justify our selfish motives. There’s blood running through my veins, it may sound like I’m making excuses when I say,

“look baby I’m just a man, ’tis just a flash in the pan…”

This is about the carnal desires of the flesh, an explicit tale as old as time, in a language up-to-date to keep up with the times. Let’s explore the fantasy that normally don’t take up the front seats since we subconsciously chuck it in the back of our minds. Let’s give it the spotlight today. To deny it is equivalent to the denial of our biological needs. An integral part of our genuine selves gifted by mother nature herself. Feelings of longing to have, be and do what we want. Naughty by nature – we could all associate ourselves with that, couldn’t we?

The basic needs of a man are food, shelter and sex. Food for survival and growth, shelter for rest and security against fatigue and darkness/wilderness, and ultimately sex for reproduction for the continuity of his legacy. And yes, we make use of these with wrong intends too sadly. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation, Chapter 11, from Napoleon Hill’s bestseller – Think and Grow Rich, tells us that we could reach for the stars like Tom Cruise, AKA Ethan Hunt, accomplishing the Mission Impossible if we channel our most vital energy into productivity. Yes, that’s our sexual energy. Haven’t we heard of hundreds of fairytales telling the same old story over and over again? The Damsel in Distress – where the Knight in shining armor comes to her rescue fighting off evil witches and fiery dragons in some old deserted and hunted Castles.

Speaking of which here’s a bunch of girls from the world of fairytales:

  • Cinderella losing her shoe at the ball only to meet the man of her dreams through the lost shoe.
  • Belle falling in love with a much rather unlikely suitor – a fine looking handsome young man in disguise of a hideous Beast from a curse by a fairy.
  • Tiana kissing the Frog who eventually transforms into her Prince Charming.
  • Jasmine swept off her feet by the charismatic presence of Aladdin with the help of, of course, Genie’s magic.
  • Fiona being rescued from the dark looking enormous castle with a ferocious dragon as guard by, you know who, the green skin ogre – Shrek. Honestly, it wasn’t an act of love, to begin with, however they develop it gradually.

And many more including the likes of your Snow Whites, Rapunzels, Goldilocks, Elsas (from Frozen), Auroras (the Sleeping Beauty), Ariels (the Little Mermaid) and the list goes on…

There’s a good number of movies recently doing rounds on synthetic humans living amongst us or in some case replacing us – the originals. Technological advancement could possibly lead towards that kind of era. Let’s just hope if anything remotely close to that happens, it happens for the good of humanity and not the other way around where we fear for our very own delicate lives and become slaves to our creation just like the Frankenstein’s monster in the novel of Mary Shelly.

Welcome to the age of silicone robots.  Sex dolls, to be more specific. Creators have started manufacturing sex bots for consumers around the world. I can’t exactly say if this is going to be a boon or a bane to the society. Is it going to strengthen the bond or harm the real life human relationship between sexual partners? I’ll leave that to you. It may still be at a very basic level of operation as of now however in due course of time they’re only going to get enhanced and probably even accepted generally by mass consumers like any other commodity or service in the market today or in a near future such as – Hoverboards and Segways, Smart Drugs and Steroids, Plastic Surgeries and Organ Transplants, 3D Printers, Hydrogen-fueled Engines, Electric Cars with Lithium-ion Batteries that will fly some day consequently making Space Travel more of a reality than fiction. Our sci-fi wet dreams are here to stay.

The character of Barbie as a plaything was designed for little girls to look for inspiration and a role model. By design, men are visual and have thus developed a liking for it considering its many attractive physical features. The hourglass shaped body dressed in pink with a sense of innocence attached. The feminine attributes of Barbie makes it easier for men to lose our inhibitions. We can let our vivid imagination do the further talking.

That brings us to the question: do you have Barbie Dreams?