Why so serious?

There comes a time when you gotta take a step to do what’s right. As much as I like I can’t possibly please everyone. Y’all know the Joker from the Batman comics & movies. Especially if, I bet, you’ve watched the blockbuster, the ‘Dark Knight’. Take a look at things from the perspective of the Joker. First things first, let’s put a smile on that face šŸ¤” before we get a deeper insight behind the tears of a clown.

But this is no joke, I mean, seriously! Life throws at you challenges every single minute of your waking hours. The question is, are you up for it? There’s a ton of things you are capable of, however you are limited because of your restricted doctrine on how things work. There’s a science behind everything, the way it works. If only you knew that you were designed to surpass every obstacle standing in your path. It ain’t easy but invite hope into your heart to keep you on the grind. Sometimes it gets rough. That’s when you have to stay the truest. And the trouble with being real is that you start losing friends and developing enemies. However, the strongest enemy you’ve got to beat is the devil in your mind. He needs to be defeated by your own will. Remember, you are stronger than you think you are.

Never underestimate yourself. Don’t let doubt and fear steal your spirit of confidence away. Here’s a universal truth: you are capable of more than you think’s in your capacity. You were built to exceed all limitations in this life. With faith, take a leap. Don’t you know you’re powerful so just be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it all. You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world. If you wish to be thoughtlessly happy you’re playing it safe. Good luck with that! If you wish to be wise you’re taking the road less traveled. Only brave hearts climb up that ladder. Just a word of caution. Forget everything you’ve ever heard or known before because quite unlike the fairy tales and blissful myths wisdom was, as a matter-of-fact, born with pain.

…and now back to the topic of ‘Joker’.


What makesĀ the ‘Dark Knight’ movie so epic is due to the fact that the character of Joker was prominently illustrated. Thanks to the wonderful scripting and the priceless acting delivered by the then actor – Lt. Heath Ledger. Why priceless, you ask? Cause even money can’t buy that kind of talent. Batman, played by Christian Bale, becomes “the silent guardian, the watchful protector, the Dark Knight” because of the Joker. Sounds debatable yet if you were to take out the Joker from the scene the movie loses its value to a great extend or probably to its entirety. Shout outs to Christopher Nolan and his team of talented filmmakers of the Dark Knight for creating the perfect antagonist. You see, the Joker is more than just another villain. If you watch the movie thoroughly and understand the logics behind it, it’s the Joker that’s always one step ahead of Batman. The Joker keeps Batman on his toes. Another takeaway from the movie would be a line where the Joker negotiates business with some local gangsters and I’d quote, ‘If you’re good at something, never do it for free.’

Speaking of villains, another one worth mentioning is the estranged brother of Thor. The God of mischief – Loki. A mysterious character loved and hated by Marvel fans, including myself, for his one too many little mischiefs. He’s just as charming as the MVP here – the Joker.

So, let’s start looking at life from a different perspective. The art of villainy isn’t quite as bad as you expected. Life’s journey is a mixture of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I believe that’s why women can’t keep their eyes off the ‘bad boys’.

Finally, it begs the question –

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Why So Serious?