Follow your heart and don’t forget to take your brain along.

Let’s build your dream. How do we get started? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and picture this in your mind. Going back in time when you were innocent, optimistic, curious and truthful. Back when you didn’t master the art of lying. Back when the world was kind to you. Back when mommy and daddy were your superheroes. And most importantly, back when your only imaginary fear was that scary little boogie-man under your bed. That’s how we’d get to the bottom of it all. Our first mission is to design a blueprint of your dream. So, all that we need is an engineer’s mindset impregnated with an artiste’s ambition.

To be outstanding, there’s a risk involved. To step away from the need for average acceptance. To be willing to not fit in. To be honest, when you’re ahead of the crowd, mockery from jealousy surrounds you. Falsehood disguised as cheap jokes are used by the average joes who’d try and possibly succeed in dragging you down unless you’re aware of the fact that nothing can beat you in the external world but you from within. Don’t let your guard down. Always maintain high spirits. Albert Einstein wasn’t accepted by the higher authorities such as his teachers and professors as they miserably failed to recognize his genius. Hence, Einstein virtually never did fit in with the social structural system of education. But turns out, he’s been one of the most brilliant scientists in human history. Therefore, e=mc2

Let’s look at a few of the most amazing personalities in history.

Michael Angelo saw the angel in the marble and carved until he set him free. I couldn’t agree more to the fact that a man paints with his brains and not with his hands.

As an escape artist, the greatest magician that ever lived, Houdini, was capable of breaking free from any physically enclosed compartmental situation despite shackled with handcuffs. He never once complaint saying his hands were tied. In fact, the only thing he was incapable of escaping from was his intense passion to be, that made him, the legend that we know today.

Henry Ford demanded a V8 engine from his engineers. All those who were responsible for the production of the impossible of that time had no clue how to and kept making very logical excuses in the most practical of ways which only made Mr. Ford more insistent. Until one fine day, the world of automobiles was introduced to the first ever V8 engine.

Bruce Lee dreamed of being a famous martial artist. His friends might’ve laughed at him for reaching out for the stars till he actually did become the greatest Chinese-American martial art actor in the world’s biggest film industry – Hollywood.

Michael Jackson believed in perfection. His art is a proof of just that. His musical aptitude level especially considering his vocal ability hit the tip of what you would call ‘pitch perfect’. He was a class apart. In comparison with any music icon he could be second to none. Would it still be an understatement to say that MJ’s vocal range is a good example of perfection of the highest order? You decide.

People throughout history condemned the idea of flight. To achieve the ability to fly across anywhere on Earth was hard, to be believed, to ever come true. Then came, Neil Armstrong. The first man on the Moon, enough said.

A man who could write with both hands individually two different things simultaneously. A philosopher, poet, engineer, architect, artist, scientist, to name a few. His contributions, including his many unforgettable works of art, have made the world we live in today such a place of beauty and a significantly advanced one. Yes, Leonardo Da Vinci, the artist behind the world’s famous Monalisa masterpiece.

So, now the question is, how do they do it? But even more important than that should be, how can I make it?

You are the Architect of your dreams. The goals you want to achieve in life, the joy of your heart and the passion to live life in the most unadulterated way are only a stone’s throw away.  In order to achieve that you got to get back to what you once were – innocent, optimistic, curious and truthful. Nothing that you love in the truest form or want to do, be and have comes from without but within you.