It’s claimed that the invention of the ‘wheel’ led to the biggest step toward civilization. And equally significant was the ‘rotating shaft’ which only furthered the advancement of civilization as to where we are today. But prior to the wheel was the discovery of the ‘red flower’. Yes, I’m talking about fire! It is not clear enough or known exactly when and how men discovered how to make fire but by the time man could harness the power of fire he became more than a mere mortal living species. In other words, he became the master of the beasts and the credit can be given a lot to the discovery of the red flower.

Tell me, what’s that vital fluid continuously flowing to & fro throughout your body all day long in a never-ending cycle till the day you die?



Now you might’ve understood that the color ‘red’ is particularly a very special one. It’s unlike any other color amongst the different hues in the rainbow. Red stands out very noticeably and is an instant attention-grabber naturally. Infact, it’s been even associated with intense emotions like desire, lust, virility, and one of the most powerful emotions, known to humans, called ‘rage’. It’s one of the reasons why more than half of the total percentage of women in the world like to put on red lipsticks. It makes them more desirable sexually and believe me, men dig that.

Let me set up a scenario that’ll make you red with envy. The reddest modern fiction you’ll ever read and is nothing like the classic ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ fairytale. Why? You’ll find out shortly. Let me paint you a picture. Here’s goes nothing:

So the Red Ranger, with his hand on the door handle, opens up his red stallion (Ferrari) and sits on the red Italian leather seats while chucking his red iPhone 7 to his lady, on the passenger side, who wants to play Taylor Swift’s hit ‘Red’ in the car stereo, wearing a pair of red bottom heels. A Ginger admired by onlookers for beauty traits like her brown eyes and tanned pale skin.

Let’s keep it short and simple, aite? Told you, didn’t I? Nothing like it. Where’s the climax? Hey douche! Can’t you, by now, figure out it’s “the reddest modern fiction you’ll ever read and is nothing like the classic ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ fairytale… Here goes nothing“?

In conclusion, what’s red?

Dictionary meaning: Any of various colors resembling the color of blood; the primary color at one extreme end of the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 610 and 780 nanometers.

This article was written strictly for the sole purpose of amusement exclusively. Thanks for taking your time out, reading RED.