“Life’s unfair, embrace it”, I’ve been told. Been told a lot of other hard facts and bitter truths that are way too difficult to swallow like that bitter pill the doctor prescribes at the clinic. All of those experiences made me wish I, too, was born with a silver spoon in the mouth. Alas! It never was the case. Hey, let’s just be positive. Kay, I’mma fake a smile even though my heart is frowning. Sick and tired due to the prolonged cringing caused by the effect of harsh reality like seriously. Alright, stop! Some of you were born privileged, some middle-class and some below the line of poverty. No need to be conceited or ashamed of your past or your background. Here are some of the things that are actually real and happening regardless of your consciousness or ignorance on that note.

Money doesn’t buy you happiness – what do you say?

Contrary to that saying you’ve likely heard people asserting opinions like, ‘it’s better to cry sitting inside a Mercedes Benz’. I’d say it’s partly okay to feel that way but ultimately the answer to your inner longings do not truly come from a materialistic point of view. Honestly i don’t know what to say. If you think I hold the answer to such eye-opening queries you’re most likely looking at the wrong person. I’m on a lookout for the answer, too.

But this time we’re gonna delve in to the subject of what it means to actually be rich today. No matter how old you are there’s an inner child hiding on the inside that wants to come out and play if only you let it.

Most rich kids, if you ask me, have it their way. Memes seem to be doing the rounds these days. One of them I came across read…


…True, indeed, to a huge extend. In the first world countries 8 year olds are being gifted by their parents iPhones and iPads. That’s not even a big surprise anymore because in accordance to that their older siblings who’re in their teens are being bought their favorite fancy cars and designer wears.

Money is not everything but you don’t underestimate the power of the almighty dollars. It helps in getting your basic needs met. Your state of hygiene, nutritional supplement, instant gratification of wants – all these are made not only possible but also accessible faster and sufficiently with the help of huge financial strength at your disposal. College education and universities have gotten more expensive now. So, what it means is that basically those who’re pursuing further studies in some renowned universities like Oxfords, Cambridges or Harvards aren’t from disadvantaged backgrounds for certain. Their parents mayn’t be multi-millionaires but it must be true that they ain’t broke!

Not every person from the first world countries is filthy rich and in the same opposite manner not every person from the “third world countries” is as broke as a joke. No, it can’t be because it’s not.

Here’s a simple depiction of what a rich brat would most likely go through on a regular basis. A day in the life of a rich kid:

Wake up, get a high nutrition breakfast. Put on those Yeezys, grab the keys to the V10 powered motor Audi R8 e-tron and roll out to the city streets. Since, it’s still in the a.m. why not grab a cup of iced coffee at Starbucks. Whether it’s school, college or workplace you’re hitting, go about your day. Lunch time, so yesterday was McD, today should be Burger King, a good alternative to the happy meal, probably. As the sun goes down what better way to spend the time than take a stroll in the park with a custom made lease from Gucci for a companion in the form of an ugly-looking cute French bulldog while on a hoverboard. Evenings are best spent on date nights in 5 star hotels. Throwing on that Dolce and Gabbana dinner jacket and pairing it with a funky pair of Mochino oxfords before embarking on the chauffeur-driven Maybach. Date night’s over, a therapeutic way to ease the body would be to immerse it in a Jacuzzi filled with aromatic heated water. After the bath, retiring to the king-size bed with an Alienware gaming laptop beside while still in the birthday suit makes for a perfect strategic ending to the day in the life of a rich kid in his million dollar world-class apartment.

And that’s the kind of statement that only the almighty dollars can make. So, for the rest of us who do not fit into that particular class of wealthy species known by different monikers like millionaires, billionaires, snobs or money-toting mongrels there’s a new nickname coined by somebody. I’m sorry to break this down but y’all are just a bunch of poor, uninspired, broken-spirited, lethargic piece of self-pitying shitty PEASANTS so ordinary and indifferent in nature.

New Zealander and teenage star Lorde.

Wow! How discouraging was that?

Despite its pros & cons the neolithic era of the rich kids is here to stay as of now. And once again, “Life’s unfair, embrace it!”