For some, it doesn’t matter whether a Benz or Bentley or Bimmer’s the car you’re in but for some it does. Although I don’t drive a Lex or a Benz I have done my research over the years and come up with the idea of putting out an article, especially for the petrol heads, re-defining what it’s like to drive or own any particular vehicle in this day and age. This is, for all intents and purposes, the automobile thesis you were dying to have somebody write about.  So here it is, in black and white, seeking all your undivided attention.

First off, it’s BMW (Bavarian Motor Works). They call it the ultimate driving machine and every petrol head knows it; it’s impossible to deny that fact. Many 21 year olds’ first/most wanted car is the BMW M3. It’s Bimmer’s entry-level sports car that derives its engine from the M-Division, an exclusive engine department for BM’s sports cars. BMW X6 is an unconventional but great and sturdy looking SUV. People buy it to stand out from the crowd of too many similar looking SUVs in the market today. BMW has not only given us a glimpse but also brought forth to us the future of sports cars in the form of the i8 which runs on electric and gas, too. Very futuristic and a total eye candy is the BMW i8.

Do you know which the best car in the world is? With no hesitation, it’s the ‘S’.  Mercedes Benz S-Class, to be precise. This limousine is equipped with the latest technology and every form of luxury you ever wished in a car. Mostly used by CEOs of giant companies and renowned politicians to be chauffeured around in. This Merc’s presence demands nothing but respect of the highest order. Born in the 1979 is the Mercedes Benz G-Class. Also referred to as the G-Wagon (short for Gelandewagen/cross country vehicle). As hard and tough as a military tank this SUV is built to last.

If you’ve been keeping track of the Hollywood movie, ‘The Transporter’, you might recognize the car I’m about to unleash now. Yes, it’s the Audi A8. Audi’s flagship luxury saloon. The backseat of this limousine offers you the comfort, the accessibility and most notably the feel of a private jet. Here’s another one: Audi’s answer to the then Lamborghini Gallardo – the R8. The super car for everyday use.

Jaguar is one of the most prestigious car brands, second to none of the top players in the automobile manufacturing competition. Today, we have the Jaguar F-Type which is a very capable sports car. The F-Type also comes in convertible/drop-top models which makes it all the more tasteful. This Jag is uber cool.

The Ford Mustang has been around for quite a while now. Starting from its first to its latest avatar one can make out – the ‘stang stays true to its American Muscle Car lineage. This car has muscles, attraction and a large number of faithful followers. A living legend, to say the least. Ford has a tinier car, a distant cousin to the Mustang which you’ll know when I utter the words – ‘Gymkhana’ and ‘Ken Block’. The Ford Fiesta. Yup, that’s the hot hatch that Ken Block drives when he does what he does best – driving, drifting, you name it.

The Chevrolet Camaro is another American Muscle Car that’s actually a pretty boy. Its striking looks are so prominent that some regular guys without the knowledge of its actual name tend to think that it’s called Bumblebee. Bumblebee is a highly intelligent and advanced robot from a distant planet that comes to Earth and takes the guise of a car in order to remain undercover along with its team of other similarly built robots who’re known as the Autobots in the Hollywood movie, ‘Transformers’. Bumblebee disguises itself in the eyes of earthlings as a yellow painted Camaro with racing stripes. Chevy’s another runabout was also featured in the same movie. The Chevrolet Spark or Beat as in some countries. I gotta say, the Spark is one heck of a small badass car.

One of the best Japanese sports cars ever built till today – Nissan GT-R. It’s got the looks, the reputation and a genuine sports car spirit that you could factually feel. Thumbs up to the sporty Nissan GT-R. Yes, it’s one of my favorites, just for the record.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X can be said to be a decent four-door family sedan with an extraordinary characteristic concealed on the inside. On sunny days, you could take it out on good long drives with family and friends just like you would with any other executive sedan. If you ain’t satisfied with that. If you want just a little more than that. If you wanna experience some real driving I’d recommend the Evo X. Here’s why: When you put it to sports mode or the other buttons that take you off from normal everyday driving – its alter-ego comes to life. Lancer Evo X is designed in such a way that it could tackle any kind of road surface you throw at it. Twisty roads, snow terrains, highways and even the racetracks. It has numerous driving capabilities and that’s what makes the Evo X angelic and evil at the same time.

The Honda Civic is both an executive sedan and a hot hatch available in different markets in accordance with the taste of its worldwide customers. It’s a very worthwhile Honda to own and have fun with.

If you’re going green nothing spells more accurate than P-R-I-U-S. The Toyota Prius is a hybrid car that runs on both gas and electric powered motor. It’s the eco-friendly car driven around by citizens concerned with the ever-rising global warming issue. That’s actually a positive step undertaken, for the record. Toyota sells the highest number of cars globally, claims the Guinness Book of World Records. Corolla, the highest number of units being sold, is critically claimed to be the world’s favorite car. Hard to argue when it’s a hard fact.

Everybody knows what double R (RR) stands for, right? You guessed it correctly. The Rolls Royce is the epitome of luxury and with the introduction of the ‘Dawn’ it’s only gotten cooler. The Dawn is mainly targeted towards a younger fan base who have the moolah to splurge on. Rolls Royce perfectly illustrates the marriage between luxury and fun-filled youngness in the form of the Rolls Royce Dawn.

Bentley Continental GT is often referred to as a young millionaire’s ride. It couldn’t be more true as it’s a reality taking place every now and then. Snap back to a few years, BBC’s TopGear TV program showed us a scene, where the Continental GT beat the Ferrari FF in a drag race. This proves it’s a car with that amount of engine power in sync with top-notch luxury lusted after by especially youngsters with, let’s say, deep pockets financially.

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘James Bond’? I mean, other than the Agent 007, the thriller itself and the gorgeous women. The answer undoubtedly is the Aston Martin. So, the special car used in Spectre, you know, is the stunning DB10. Only about ten of them were made and sold out very quickly and that was with a hefty price tag, of course. The Aston Martin DB10 is truly a magnificent and an authentic James Bond car.

Porsche is a brand associated with manufacturing high performance sports cars and the 911 is the pinnacle of the brand. Porsche 911 is no girl’s car. It’s a man’s car if I have to say so myself to make that clear enough. Driving enthusiasts love this car for the kind of performance it delivers. The feeling of rawness and unrestrained power you get out of this car is more than enough to put a smirk on your face any day. Moving on to Porsche Panamera, a luxurious four-door sedan, I’m sure you’d be attracted enough by its magnetic appeal so much that you might start considering about buying one if your motive was always about having a family sedan that’s actually a sports car you could feel alive in. I’ve just used scores of the word ‘enough’ to define the reasons that make Porsche what it is; and is that enough? IDK, too much is never enough – ‘nough said.

The Rolls Royce of SUVs, make way for, ladies and gents, the Range Rover. No SUV in the world could get any better than this. Land Rover’s flagship garners all the attention in the world of SUVs for the fact that this particular one gives you everything you look for in an SUV – the off-roading ability mixed with aristocratic refineness and some more. Land Rover Defender, discontinued on January, 2016, is an old but strong and rugged 4×4 that will always be remembered by Land Rover drivers for the kind of SUV it had been through all the ups and downs, twists and turns and all those damn near impossible terrains it conquered and came out up victorious. All hail the Land Rover Defender.

‘Is it a car or an iPad?’ – a slogan for the next car which is but unlike any other car you’ve come across before. Tesla Model S is a full-time, full-fledged, all-in-all electric vehicle. It’s everything people would want in the near future from a car. The 17 inch touchscreen display on the dashboard of this car is so iconic and intuitive. Four-door sedan with an electric motor that produces enough power which puts it in the category of sports cars, this is an EV you can live with easily. It won’t cost you a fortune and instead might spin the wheel of fortune making the tables turn to your favor.

Cadillac Escalade is a full-sized luxury SUV made in the US. It’s sort of recognized as a car for VIPs. Just like its sedan siblings this one’s a sharp looking car that gets all the attention and its most special place is probably in the back. The actors and musicians who use this SUV to travel places back and forth do it sitting in the backseat nearly all the time. Yes, there’s a special feeling you get while you’re in the back of a ‘lac.

Volkswagen is a very humongous brand. It owns most (almost all) of the renowned car brands in the world i.e. Audi, Porsche, Bugatti and many more. The VW Golf is a hatch for everyday convenient use. It’s not a sports car or a rugged SUV but a small car designed to do something critically helpful catering to the needs of the middle-class people. Yes, that’s why it’s been written that it plays a vital role in the lives of majority of car users. Volkswagen Beetle was designed way back in the early days and it still carries the classic look today. Although this car is no child’s play to mess around with, the fairer sex seemed to have developed admiration for it apparently more than the male sex. Cause one glance at it and you’d find feministic design language written all over the car.

The Mini is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. All its cuteness and adorability are nowhere to be found when you take it for a spin and put it to test by pushing it to the limit. The Mini Cooper which was used in the Italian Job proves that Minis are meanies and the Cooper is, to me, the miniest of them all in the Mini family.

Fiat 500 is also one of them small runabouts with just the equivalent performance, if not more, up its sleeves. This is another one of them cute looking beasts you have no right understating. The Fiat 595 Abarth is your worst nightmare dressed like a daydream.

Lamborghini goes mental with the ‘J’ (short for Jota). Only one unit was made and sold to an anonymous lucky customer. The Lamborghini Aventador J is a roof-less and screen-less Lambo that’s incredible and beautiful in its own unique way.

LaFerrari is a limited production hybrid sports car by Ferrari. The name literally denotes ‘the Ferrari’. In other words, Ferrari in its most definitive form. FYI, Ferrari is a legendary super car maker.

Renault Twizy is an unconventional four-wheeler used especially for fun-filled purposes, probably if you’d like to move through tight spaces in heavy traffic and for utmost convenient parking for its minimal space occupying dimensions.

Self-Balancing Electric Vehicle is here to stay. Segway, the maker of SBEV has brought to us the two-wheeler that we totally adore. It’s more of a toy than a road commuter, I think. And for a toy the Segway is, by the way, a wallet-buster.

So, here we are toward the end. This is it, right here. Where are my keys? I gotta go. Just pass me the keys to the Benz and, vroom, that’s how we roll. Joy rides or long drives, whatever. Let’s get the engine running. Let go!