Music has always been a major source of inspiration to me on a personal and a professional level synchronously. Madonna, the Queen of Pop (music), known for her hit songs, like the earlier ‘Like A Virgin’ and the more recent ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna’, was one of the pioneers who started the trend of pop divas followed suit by many others and another diva worth mentioning would have to be the legendary Miss Britney Spears, also known as, the Princess of Pop. Now, the list is ever rising with the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Rita Ora and many more. Then, there’s my main squeeze when it comes to today’s contemporary Pop genre – Lady Gaga. I like her music which is awfully enchanting and at times controversially debatable yet catchy in the blaring headphones of those who listen to her just for the sake of being prudent lovers of music. But, to steer away the doubt, why this article is named as such, let me break it down, allow me to tell you this once. This one has got nothing really to do with the pop diva, Lady Gaga, although technically, there may be some reference here but you’ll figure that out once you read further on. On a serious note, this is about my fantasy love you’d call the dream lady who makes me, just as it does to you, go gaga over her. Are we clear now? Then, let’s proceed.

Copy-pasted lyrics (borrowed) from Jay Sean, another male pop artiste of this day and age

…I can’t shake the thought of you, always on my mind
With fantasies about you bein’ my freak
It’s hidden under there, lemme set you free
Nobody has to know, nobody but me
It’s only a matter of when and you’ll be mine, mine

…why am I sittin’, thinkin’ about makin’ you my wife
I ain’t used to feelin’ this way, I’m lost in you
You ain’t gotta say it, I know you feel it too
I’ve been around but they got nothin’ on you
Just gimme the word and I’ll be your man for life, life


So, that is comparatively, although idiosyncratic, what I’d like to sing to her in a spontaneous moment.

Now, I shall do the honor of sparing you the detail. Don’t want to bother you with it. Go on an imaginative roller coaster ride once and come back and let me know what you think. What are your thoughts on it? How do you think she would react/respond?