Cause every girl’s retarded crazy about a well-dressed man. Every girl’s ready to date a hunk who shows up in a very fine manner. Making the very first friggin’ impression is crucial. What better way to do so than arrive in a sedan that’s black in color.

What’s with the color? Black signifies mystery. You’ve heard of the Dark Knight. His costume and his ride, all come in black. Let’s face it, every girl wanna be saved from a potential danger by Batman who almost certainly disembarks from that mystifying-looking dark-tinted opposite-of-white Batmobile to save her ass. The Cape Crusader vigorously at any given time and place seems to get her out of harm’s way, therefore, earning a kiss on the mouth perhaps in a dark corner of the street just before disappearing into the night.

 I can’t exactly explain to you why but there’s a thing about sedans/saloons that gets guys to feel a tingling sensation inside their pants and women to drool all over at the sight of those sexy/stunning sedans. You get my point, don’t you? So, the bottom-line is, you could say, every girl’s friggin’ passionate about the guy in the black sedan.

            Fame and fortune are the sought after objectives for most of us and undeniably so because of the materialistic world we live in today. Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute or two. People, these days, don’t give a damn about those without money. A harsh truth that every-friggin-body knows but keeps unvoiced about. The matter in doubt is, why? Why are we so obsessed with the Fs (fame and fortune) & Ms (material and money)? I think it’s cause we’re all greedy and insatiable. No doubt about it; without a doubt undoubtedly. It’s funny how we’re so much calm and chilled out with that eerie reality. But then again, I can assure you of the fact that, no one would slightly even give a single flying f**k about it. Cause we’re born sinners and, hence, sinning comes naturally. Haha. Say it ain’t so!

            But my key point in writing this article is actually to entertain y’all. So, be it. Then why have I been bickering about the menacing side in the fourth segment (italicised) of the whole piece of writing? My response to that would have to be as simple as ABC. That stands for umm.. attaching a file of ‘reality-check’ in the catalogue of the very work of art that we’re dealing with here, to be precise, The BLACK SEDAN. Now you get it, do you not?

            So, girl, tell me, would you hug me and kiss me if I was to, one fine day, pull out up front in a Black Cadillac (Sedan)? Yes? Haha. That’s funny. Hey, while we’re on it, let’s make the most of it in the back of the ‘lac. Wink!