Turns out, the gossips are true. He’s existent. Talk is cheap, why not put the money where the mouth is?

He’s smart, sophisticated and daring. Bold as a Lion. He’s a combatant. Fought many a battles – ready for War too. He’s time after time refused to settle for less. Winners never renounce and quitters never get what winners do – Success. It is alleged that this fellow’s mind is indoctrinated with a mantra that’s chiefly prevalent among world-class performers. That mantra is, as rumor has it, anonymous or maybe buried for confidential matters. If you ever happen to cross paths with this maverick, rest assured, you’d never go home a regular ‘You’ but as a matter-of-fact a delightful and a stimulated ‘You’. He’s not your everyday guy. He’s ordinary but extraordinary in the original form. He’s a millennial, a 90’s kid, probably one of the cool kids, kids with attitude, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Listens to music, like a lot, sings in the house like no one’s judging but very proficiently like in a musical theater. He’s a social animal, first-rate in socializing yet chooses to be solitary for the truth that he’s a resolved believer of ‘me-time’. Prefers to give away big-heartedly and regrets only for the fact that he considers he didn’t do justice to facilitate the promising philanthropist in him. Ironman is a fitting role model but of course in a cinematic world of perverse fantasy.

Stickler – an inherent personality attribute he tries to change in himself that habitually lands him in deep shit displeasure. But you can select to scrutinize it as a necessary evil accountable for producing dazzling results as that’s what he absolutely in a defective manner tries hard to bring about. Moments of weakness, a little quite common to the male sex, are a part of his judgmental moral fiber like most guys with desires and wicked fancies. I think it’s why they like to render the arguable one-liner in an effortlessly well thought-out approach – Men have needs. When it comes to courting a young woman his crisis lies not in the detail that he’s inept of engaging in flirtatious acts but cause he’s further into risking it in unconventional methods. Some are fond of it while others are repulsed by it cause of whatever reasons they have which he can’t seem to identify with. Keeping up with the joneses is a niggling drawback in the life of this young man not because he’s sluggish but fairly cause, as he’d like to put it, ‘a Bugatti Veyron in a drag race with entry level Ferraris & Lambos will have unsurprisingly a predictable outcome’. He’s not understating the caliber of the other competitors (let’s say, sports cars) but implies more on the aspect where, as you can unmistakably notice (the mammoth contrast), they’re not of the alike class. Well, at this moment you see that every forerunner or likely victor has an Achilles heel. Whoever contemplated you’d get hold of a package with flawlessness enclosed inside is in for a likely king-size gloom.

Every young geezer couldn’t be just what the doctor ordered if you were to actually question and see all the way through him via hi-tech eyeglasses that lets you perceive his true color. It’s naught to be upset about but, let’s take it this way, somewhat to cherish about because we’re not customizable humanoids with sought after personas programmed as desired; we’re just about humans. And humans generally come with their own baggage. Long volume short, after all, we’re only humans.