Men, how do you see yourselves as in when you think of it? Lean, mean and clean, I suppose. This is about the alpha male you are or need to be, in a world where survival of the fittest is the ongoing trend. Well, I’m here to break the bad news. You ain’t exactly what you want to be, how you want to be and where you want to be. As that could be the case for most of y’all. Worry not. You, just like a few billions of other men, are a work in progress and not a masterpiece. Truth be told, nobody frankly likes perfection. To be perfect would mean you’re not a part of the competition and that’d sort of make you feel like an island. Although perfectionism is what we mostly aim for. It’s not about being faultless it’s more about being yourself. I know you heard it all before about loving yourself and stuff like that. Let me tell you, when you are entirely yourself you are the finest, most excellent and shall I even say – supreme? Your shoes can’t be filled by anyone else other than Y-O-U. Eminem even puts it in a song;

          Don’t let em say you ain’t beautiful

          They can all get f**k’d just stay true to you.

The fairytale about her tall, dark and handsome Prince Charming riding on a white stallion is horseshit! He doesn’t quite exist. Now that I’ve delivered you the message, a dream killer, all I ask of you is you don’t shoot the messenger.

So the next time she starts talking nineteen to the dozen about how she wants a perfect man in her life, tell her to go hug a mannequin. In fact, real women don’t want a Prince Charming they need a good old gentleman. I’m sure that’s a position you can see yourself in, don’t you? You, on the other hand, gotta go fetch yourself a lady. A good old lady. Not a delusional b***h. Ouch!

Women are, generally, beautiful. I like them. This is a man’s world but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl. You heard that song. It’s like a man’s job or more of a life mission to woo a girl. Like in America, although stereotypical, you go out to meet for coffee (Starbucks©). In England, maybe, a cup of tea does the trick. Likewise, you know what I mean, it’s so and so. I’d like to kind of contradict myself on the Prince Charming ideology. I think in a way or two we have our own modern versions of “The Knight in Shiny Armor”. He lives amongst us veiled but discovered by those investigating. Having discarded his ‘shiny armor’ he now opts for the more state-of-the-art attire. His set of clothes are an inclusive of the standard suit & tie by Armani©, a pair of shoes by Jimmy Choo©, a Rolex© watch, a pair of sunglasses from Gucci©, to name a few. His apparels can widely vary from a place to another. Okay, so that’s the present day Knight in Shiny Armor. The so-called Prince Charming. Well, I apparently like him too.

At the end of the day all that really matters is how you’re embracing the idea of a fantasy world picture-perfect superman. An idol for the guys and a hero to the young women. The concept of a Prince Charming is more of an abstraction based on fictional origin created for the sole purpose of delight from the mind’s eye of (an) artistic individual(s).