Here we go. The one ultimate question you come across in life which you ought to answer is “Who are you?” Now tell me, do you have an answer for that big Q? I guess you do, I guess you don’t. It depends. Depends on how serious you are with life. If you do have a good answer to that question you’re doing okay. That’s nice. If you don’t have a clue how to answer that question then this article is meant for you. I’ve now realised that in order to achieve the big things in life, let’s say, things that truly matter to you on a profound level it takes blood, sweat and tears. No kidding! No amount of talking big, dreaming enormous or imagining over the horizon can make it happen unless you get up off your ass and get dirty. I mean, do the work literally. Cause only you know what’s best for you. You know the damn truth. The truth is, no matter what they say or do, only you can help you and only You Can Do It!

Exhausted of reading numerous self-help books, listening to continuously unending line up of audio-books, attending frequent motivational seminars and whatnots… you’re tired, I’m guessing. As humans, we understand each other best when we go through the same rough patches together or maybe alone yet having the same kind of experiences bring us closer emotionally. If you’ve never been through pain you wouldn’t feel the ache hidden beneath these lines. If you were actually serious with that million dollar question (Who Are You?) you most probably won’t be feeling quite ecstatic because, in fact, truth hurts. I had the same feeling too. In short, I’d quote, ‘reality sucks!’ Oh, man! Takes me back! Lol. But we’re not gonna dwell on the past for too long now. As my Granddad preaches, ‘What’s done can’t be undone.’ It’s true. It’s nothing new or interesting to hear but it relentlessly happens to remain true and unchangeable. So, what’s my opinion on that, you ask? Well, I have nothing new to add to that but to inform you that the right place to live isn’t in the past. Hell, you know! It’s now. It’s now or never. Despite its redundant nature caused by the fact that it’s heard by almost everybody time and again I’d like to copy-paste the famous saying:  ‘Today is a gift. This is why it’s called the present’. That brings us to the topic of ‘Time’. What is Time? Quite simple, if you ask me. Do not waste your time because it’s what your life is made up of. Time is ticking away even as I write this article.

You wonder how they do it? You doubt yourself way too much. You think you’re not good enough. You quit ‘fore you even get started. You blame your parents and your past for the price that you’re paying now. Well, we have so much in common. After all, like attracts like. Ok, joke aside. What are all of these saying to you? Wanna know? They are an indication that your life is out of balance. Imbalance in nature, according to me, turns life into a bitter experience. I don’t want to be there. It sucks! I don’t wanna be an underdog. Being an underdog sucks! Well it’s just a phase you have to go through at times to get to know who you truly are and what you’re made up of. Are you made of cheap plastic or rich titanium? You decide. If you don’t, life will decide it for you through various circumstances. But you don’t have to give it a chance. You’re no string-puppet. You can be a master rather than a marionette. Be in control, you are strong. Don’t let your life go down the drain. If you’re upset with life here’s a thing you could do. Come alive. Being down with life generally has a lot to do with boredom, frustration and worthlessness. Have you been in that dark room (all by yourself)? It’s quite scary. I mean, it’s a place best suited for the dead. Some people are dead people. They die while they’re still not dead. Joy is a luxury they can’t afford. The question is, why? And the answer is within each individual. The reason is that they didn’t/haven’t answer(ed) that million dollar question very honestly.

‘Who are you?’ was the question you’ve been asked as you started reading this. I don’t know and maybe I’ll never know what your answer would be but I’m certain of the fact that your answer is or would be better than that of the average Joe’s. Don’t be a mediocrity. It’s a waste of time and talent God gave you. Do you have a purpose in life? No? Get out of here. J/K. You should (have a purpose) and make sure that your purpose is larger than life. If you don’t, you’ll never know the true meaning of your life. It’s up to you to be religious or not but one thing I’d recommend is to be spiritual. Satisfy your soul, feed it. Go find and meet your soul-mate. Sell your soul (to your purpose in life). I’m going to be putting the most prominent emphasis on God here. Your purpose in life is to serve God. Now try to connect the dots when I wrote about selling your soul. I don’t literally mean trading it off for anything. That’s not my point. That particular aptitude you have within you which is authentic and has no gimmicks attached to it is what you have been blessed with and your duty is to make use of that for the glory of God, your creator. This gives your life a meaning to strive and, thus, thrive. Now that’s good news, is it not?

Finally, are you ready to kick some ass? If yes then go for it! You’d accomplish a whole lot if you’re more honest with yourself. Ask yourself questions that really matter. Ask yourself again and again. If you keep getting poor and inadvertent results in life it’s probably cause you’re still trying to avoid facing the question leading to your true/deep want in life. So you fail and fail and probably fail and fail again and again. Enough is enough, don’t you think so? Would you let your own life toss you around, kick you in the butt (or even worse – the crotch) and let you lick asses for the rest of your life? Hell NO! Time to man up! You need to step it up. Bring in your A-game. Call the shots! It’s time! It’s your time, my friend. Be a go-getter! At-it boy! Ignite that flame inside of you and become truly alive!