He got up early this morning. Put on his Nike running shoes. Threw on that Rita Ora Adidas Originals pyjama suit while plugging in his Sennheiser earphones playing his favorite tunes from his iPod. Jamming to one of his best workout tracks – ‘kings never die’ by Eminem (recorded for the movie – Southpaw) he starts his morning jog. After about thirty minutes or so he gets back home and makes his breakfast. A glass of orange juice with an apple and cheese sandwich with eggs inside. No junk food, he whispers to himself looking at the leftover pizza from last night’s bedtime snack. Later he showers and grooms himself thinking about the beautiful day ahead of him. Shaves his facial hair, smiling and hoping his sweetheart compliments him for the effort he just put. Getting dressed was something he’s always enjoyed doing. So you could be rest assured what he wears often blew minds of the fairer sex and generate envy in men. Enters the garage and pulls out his ride, a yas marina blue BMW M3 Competition Package, and heads to work.

That sounded so predictable and very routine-like. So, we’re not gonna go on any further with that story. We have a different one in mind. Wanna hear? I bet you do. So here goes.

Once upon a time not long ago. There was a little boy born in a family that became a broken home not so long after his arrival on this planet. Life sucked. He could rely on no one else but his own imagination and ‘can-do’ attitude mostly. Growing up was very much like a boxing match. Life isn’t problematic, it’s just designed in a way to challenge us and force us out of our comfort zones. On the downside, he was accustomed to being restless. He was popular at school. Some mocked at him while the rest were inspired by his enthusiastic nature. So, what did he actually do to garner attention and approval from his mates? Whatever he did, he put his heart into it. He wasn’t ashamed. It was all or nothing for him. He spilled his guts every time he felt he had to prove his worth. Sadly, our boy didn’t do extremely well in the academics department. He was more inspired by Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein and Bill Gates. What?! No, he wasn’t planning on becoming a Rocket Scientist or a Medical Doctor or a Computer Software Engineer. Those personalities talked to him in the dreams he had while awake. He was a daydreamer. He kept changing his ‘aim-in-life’ over and over again because he had too many interests and too less provisions. Dropped out of college for whatever reason heaven knows best. He felt he had to use all the misfortunes and failures he’s had as fuel to turn the tables around. “I gotta do this now, once and for good” said he. What was he talking about? He was selfish, greedy as can be and lacked consistency just like his biological father. Now, with all that negative shit, how do you suppose he’d have a bright future? Honestly, the narrator, himself, has very little knowledge on that. Let’s leave it to fate. What?! No! We can’t do that. It’s not the way this story was meant to end. Back it up and see where it all went wrong. Alright, in the next paragraph I’ll let you know how the tale of this little boy unfolds.

Like ‘The Great Gatsby’ (Hollywood) movie, he was the single most hopeful person I’ve ever met. And I’m ever likely to meet again. There was something about him, a sensitivity. He was like one of those machines that register earthquakes 10,000 miles away.

Where’d you meet him?

At a party.


BTW, are we still talking about the little boy?

Ah! Yes, the little boy. Unfortunately this is the end to it. The story would be continued, hopefully, in future. Why? ‘Cause up until now the storyteller hasn’t seen the whole of it yet. He has to (be on familiar terms with the script) in order to pen it down or say it out. And since this is a story about someone’s life who’s just reached a point in time where the storyteller all of a sudden steps on the brake pedal as if trying to avoid going over a broken bridge in the middle of nowhere as that is the identical case with the story. In short, uncertainty lies ahead. So, the best way to drop notes about the future is to go into it and see it for yourself.